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Our People

With a team of 11 experts in accounting, tax, auditing and business development services, we are building a business community where people effectively use our collective intelligence in achieving their business, personal and lifestyle goals.

We are with you and you are not buying hype or hope but proven business development solutions delivered with care. 

Feel confident, clear, trustful and in control, not to mention ‘sane’. Get in touch with us.

Chris Lynch, CA (CPP)

Errol Burn CA, (CPP)

Audit and Assurance Manager

Camelia Petrus, PGDip 

I/O Psychology, Business Development Manager


Michelle Thompson CA, (CPP)

Tax and Compliance Manager

Becky Zhang CA (CPP)

Tax and Compliance Manager


Andrew Sargent


Tatiana Gakhovich

Business Service Accountant

Mangesh Naik


Natasha Hollows

Tasneem Mukadam

CA, Auditor/Accountant