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Meet the 21st Century HR Manager

By Camelia Petrus,  PGDip. I/O Psychology, Senior Consultant, Work Psychology and Business Development, Lynch & Associates Limited

I have a friend who remembers his HR manager from 25 years ago. “Wendy. She would come every morning to check in with each and every person in the office. We were a bunch of quiet clerks, hardly talking to each other during the day, being absorbed in our work.”

One morning when she came to my desk she offered me a coffee saying: “you look as though you need one” and then she said “nice to see you Max.” I thought to myself: nice to be seen…yeah…

I felt appreciated that morning and many others that followed, totally engaged, happy to come to work – I couldn’t wait actually to start my working day. When client’s demands were high, I would happily walk the extra mile even when nobody was looking. Same with most of my colleagues.

If you would ask me “why?”…well…I guess it was Wendy and her ability to motivate us, keep us engaged and on track with where the business was going. I felt that I belonged and had become part of the process. She always acknowledged the meaningful contributions that I made to the business.

She was listening - really listening, you know? With her mind and with her heart – full attention. I felt understood and cared for.

Wendy was also on top of all changes caused by the explosive progresses in computer technology 20 years ago, not to mention all the employment law changes. Smoothly and firmly, strategically and intelligent, competently and with care for all – us, the employees and our clients.

I have learned so much from her as an employee and as well as a person.

She created and maintained that workplace where you want to be, where you are significant and “seen.” She was the real HUMAN resources manager. She had the emotional intelligence to do it.
That does not happen by accident. It happens by design."

Max is now close to retirement, in a management position himself.

I am here, telling his story, thinking of the challenges of today for an HR manager. You might be wearing that HAT or you know someone who does and you are reading this now because you wonder.

You wonder what it takes to be remembered in that way.

For forward-thinking HR professionals

The challenges of the HR manager in the changing economies, disruptive models, new stakeholders and roles, abundance and exponential organisations, impact of Artificial Intelligence, shifting workforce composition, continuous care for “the employee experience” and “customer satisfaction”, emerging trends such as “wellness and health”, social entrepreneurship, start-up corner, and much more could be overwhelming.

Do you sometimes forget what HR is all about?

There is so much brought into it these days that you almost lose sight of its core purpose: finding and retaining relevant and meaningful careers for awesome people in successful organisations!

Two of the fundamental challenges facing companies of all sizes and their HR Managers are standing out.

Challenge No. 1

A solid yet flexible organisational structure that is sustainable in face of internal and external demands. The top management wants the implementation of the new business strategy, the line management wants the perfect support from HR processes while the employees want their share of attention, just to mention a few of the HR manager’s stakeholders.

What does it take to create the organisational structure that fit with all demands?

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“Meet the 21st century STRATEGIC HR Manager” 

Date 1: Tuesday July 18th, 2017

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Challenge No.2

As an HR Manager, having the right ‘soft’ skills to be a catalysts for human growth in the workplace – this is a challenge – plus, having the courage at times to address conflict, misconduct, lack of engagement or low performance while keeping yourself emotionally balanced.

Monica Worline, researcher at Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education wrote in her new book - Awakening Compassion at Work: The Quiet Power that Elevates People and Organisations – “Compassion is an irreplaceable dimension of excellence for any organisation that wants to make the most of its human capabilities."  

What it takes to feel confident, clear, trustful and in control, not to mention ‘sane’?

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“Meet the 21st century EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT HR Manager”

Date 1: Tuesday July 18th, 2017

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Date 2: Thursday July 20th, 2017
Time: 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Location: Lynch Phibbs Ltd, Level 5 60 Parnell Rd. Parnell, Auckland
Fee: Complimentary for clients of Lynch Phibbs Ltd

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Facilitator: Camelia Petrus PGDip. I/O Psychology, Senior Consultant - Work Psychology and Business Development is a Topic Leader and Consultant on the alliance for Business and Personal Development that leads to quality improvement initiatives that enhance Leadership Communication in NZ’s corporate world.

I am utilising Neuroscience of Emotion to improve Empathy and Relational skills in leadership.

Neuroscientists at Cornell University (CU) have published a paper claiming to have cracked the “code” used by the human brain that controlled how experiences are processed – as either objective or subjective events.

Committed to the Psychology of Communication, I taught Emotional Competence and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership since completing my education in Work Psychology at Massey University, Auckland.