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10. Governing vs. Managing

January 2021

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational Psychology

In many businesses, directors have both governance and managing roles.

With most businesses being small-medium sized, it’s no surprise that owners struggle with understanding the difference between governing and managing.

09. Top 10 time wasters to avoid 

October 2020

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational Psychology

Struggling with disruptions, shifting priorities and frustrating re-work? Streamline your processes and boost your efficiency! We can help!

08.  Five Behaviors that Help Leaders Manage a Crisis

October 2020

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational Psychology

The terms “leadership” and “management” are often used interchangeably. While there is some overlap between the work that leaders and managers do, there are also significant differences.

07. Fundamental #3 to successfully scale up your business

January 2020

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational Psychology 

Looking to scale your business? Many leaders rightly focus on improving their systems and teams, but you must also scale yourself to meet the new demands on your time and attention. We can help develop your Leadership Skills for your next business frontier. 

06. Can you outsource leadership?

January 2020
Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational Psychology 
Leadership is arguably the single most important department in EVERY business. Yet, it is often the most neglected. Don't abdicate responsibility for leading your business - dedicate time to being a better leader.

05. 10 ways to improve self-awareness

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational Psychology 

Developing self-awareness is key to personal growth. It also helps you build a better work environment and a more successful business. We all have blind spots but there are many simple ways to develop.

04. Good leadership is more than business acumen

January 2020

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational Psychology

Get the best from your team players. Your ability to communicate your company values, vision, understand your team members and provide the impetus behind your business model will all have an impact.

03. Before Making any Decision, do your Homework!

October 2019

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational Psychology

Do your homework and gather as many relevant facts and information as you can.

Ask for opinions and feedback from those you trust or have had a similar situation. There may give you different perspectives to look at. 

02. Living Above the Line

December 2019

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Organisational  Psychology

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

There are three winning behaviours and three responses that’ll sink your team.

Are you living above the line? If not, you need to get there, as it’s the easiest way to transform workplace culture and team performance.

01. Meet the 21st Century HR Manager

March 2019

By Camelia Petrus,  PGDip. I/O Psychology

I have a friend who remembers his HR manager from 25 years ago. “Wendy. She would come every morning to check in with each and every person in the office. We were a bunch of quiet clerks, hardly talking to each other during the day, being absorbed in our work.”