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Leadership Workshop Series

With increasing importance being placed on organisational leadership, now is the perfect time to sign up for Lynch & Associates leadership courses. Sessions run in Parnell, Auckland on select Tuesday's. Get your tickets now!

The Art of Communicating Difficult Messages

Learning to communicate difficult messages is one of the most skills a leader can have. Improve your personal and organisational communication today!

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership is proven to increase sales, productivity, job satisfaction and financial performance. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

Leadership vs Management 

Learn the core differences between leadership and management and how to balance these crucial roles with a workshop run by  Camelia Petrus.


How to say NO without feeling guilty

Who is this workshop for:

  1. Anyone who says YES to other people's requests, when they would rather say NO
  2. Those who feel guilty, or think are mean or selfish if they say 'NO', especially at work or in the family
  3. Those who say 'YES' out of obligation
  4. Those who ask others to help just because they know they never get a 'NO' for an answer
  5. Those who want to know how to say "NO" when they want or need to

  • Those who want to learn how it is to HEAR a "NO" and to practice hearing the "yes" behind it.

In this 60 minute interactive workshop you'll also discover:

  • Your 'I Have To' (doing things out of obligation, fear, guilt or shame)
  • Your 'Self Sabotaging' behaviour
  • Your YES's
  • Your Self Empathy, Self Compassion and Self Love
  • Your care and mindfulness

  • Your own resources for more efficiency and productivity

Eventbrite - The Art of Delivering Difficult Messages 2019

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