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Before Making any Decision, do your Homework!

Do your homework and gather as many relevant facts and information as you can.

Ask for opinions and feedback from those you trust or have had a similar situation. There may give you different perspectives to look at. 

Living Above the Line

Camelia Petrus, PGDip Work Psychology, Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

There are three winning behaviours and three responses that’ll sink your team.

Are you living above the line? If not, you need to get there, as it’s the easiest way to transform workplace culture and team performance.

Meet the 21st Century HR Manager

By Camelia Petrus,  PGDip. I/O Psychology, Senior Consultant, Work Psychology 

I have a friend who remembers his HR manager from 25 years ago. “Wendy. She would come every morning to check in with each and every person in the office. We were a bunch of quiet clerks, hardly talking to each other during the day, being absorbed in our work.”