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Group Structure and Tax Review

Why we developed this service

There may be a number of opportunities for your business to benefit from on-going tax changes. Benefits include

  • Safeguarding your assets from creditors and predators

  • Future proofing your group of companies, by building a robust structure that allows for long term growth
  • Providing greater flexibility in how income is distributed within your group

As well as improving asset protection, there may be opportunities for you to achieve significant incidental one-off tax savings and on-going annual savings.

We want to work with you to ensure that you are maximising these opportunities. 

Who would benefit from a Review

If you have multiple entities, profit greater than a fair market salary to owners, debt that is not in your Company or are considering the merits of having a Family Trust, then you should meet with us for a free consultation.

What is involved

You will have a complimentary meeting with a senior team member, reviewing your unique situation. We’ll then prepare you a comprehensive proposal outlining your options and the benefits of any restructure. 

When shall I use this service

We believe as soon as possible. The earlier we are able to complete this project, the sooner you start maximising asset protection, future proofing your group of companies and maximising any potential on off and on-going tax savings.

Benefits of a Group Structure and Tax Review Session

  • Achieve a commercially realistic group structure that maximises your asset protection

  • Where applicable, you’ll be able to offset profits in one company against losses in another in a tax efficient manner
  • Your structure will be easier to understand and operate from a compliance point of view
  • Achieve significant one off and annual tax savings
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have a sufficiently robust structure that’s built to last
  • Achieve greater tax efficiency working with recent tax changes
  • Where applicable, you can maximise utilisation of existing tax losses
  • You can rest assured that you are able to stand scrutiny by Inland Revenue in the event of an audit
  • Know your assets are protected using limitation of liability and security mechanisms ‘protecting you from creditors and predators’

Fee: $2,500 to $5,000

Start building a robust structure TODAY!

Please get in touch with our TAX specialist