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5 Key Things to Get Right when Starting a Business

Chris Lynch, CA, Director Lynch & Associates Limited

Starting your own business is a BIG leap of faith. Will you find any customers? Will you make enough income? These are questions that any founder will ask themselves.

But with the right planning, preparation and support, you can...

The top ten time wasters in your working week

Camelia Petrus, Senior Consultant, PGDip Work Psychology 
There are 1,440 minutes in a day and each of us have the same allocated amount. Some people manage to achieve much more than others. So, how can we free up time to help lead a better business and ultimately a happier life?

Why Business Owners Need to Plan Succession?

Camelia Petrus, Senior Consultant, PGDip Work Psychology 

Hypothetically speaking, if you were hit by a bus tomorrow, how seamless and pain free would the transition be - both for your business and those who rely on it?

Xero boss reveals secret `coffee cup´ test

Natasha Hollows, Accountant

Are there tricks you use when you interview a candidate for a role? Xero Australia managing director, Trent Innes revealed his secret "coffee cup" job interview test in a podcast, saying he won't hire anyone who doesn't offer to take their coffee cup back to the kitchen after a job interview with him.

Five Ways to Improve Flow

Camelia Petrus, Senior Consultant Work Psychology 

Think about a typical day in your office...

Perhaps you chat with colleagues, check email, return phone calls, open a work file, check email again – which leads you to your social media feed… A universe of beeps, rings and pings beckons attention and steals productivity. Distraction is the new normal. The culprit: technology.

Top biz & tech trends for business success in 2017

Subject matter experts who understand and can help guide the sales process drive growth in top performing B2B companies.

Consider three different buying personas: an order taker, a salesperson, and a subject