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Upcoming Events 2019

Business Development Workshop Series 2019

In 2019 we're bringing our Business Development Masterclasses to you! Our seminars provide extreme value, so set some time aside to plan your 2019 Business Development with our courses in Parnell, Auckland. Seminars will run  on select Tuesday's and will sell out fast. Get your tickets now!


10 Hats in every Business Seminar 

If you find yourself spread too thin across your business, attend a 10 Hats Seminar run by Camelia Petrus to learn how to better utilise your time for the betterment of yourself and your business!

Succession Planning 

Set goals and gain clarity on the future of your organisation with a succession planning seminar run by Chris Lynch. Set your business on the road to success today!


Marketing Gravity

Learn the core fundamentals of marketing and gain valuable insight towards achieving market efficiency through our Marketing Gravity workshop run by Chris Lynch.  


Value Based Selling

Increase your sales with an incredibly valuable 90 minute seminar with  Camelia Petrus, showing you how to significantly improve on your current results.


7 Ways to Grow your Business 

Look to get more from your business as Camelia Petrus and Chris Lynch help you lead and manage your business to its maximum potential!


Business Planning

Let us help you create a vision for your business that will engage both the passion and the will of its people.

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