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' Bolstering Your Balance Sheet '

The 'The Bolstering Your Balance Sheet'  webinar will help you understand the value of your Balance Sheet and the key areas to focus on to maximise the value of your business.

Facilitators: Chris Lynch, CA and Andrew Sargent, CA at Lynch & Associates Limited.

Join us on October 29th at 11:30 AM for our 60 minute complimentary webinar where you’ll:

  • Understand why improving your Balance Sheet is key to your success
  • Learn the four areas of focus for strengthening your Balance Sheet
  • Discover practical and proven strategies to strengthen your Balance Sheet
  • Understand how to maximise the value of your business

Points of value:

  • Understand the story your Balance Sheet tells about your business
  • Reset your focus to four key areas for improvement
  • Identify key strategies to help you bolster your Balance Sheet
  • Implement best practice to maximise your business's value