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Working from Home?
Claim your home office expenses

Running a business from home? Make sure you understand what you might be able to claim, and how to keep accurate records so that you’re sorted at tax time. 

Meet the 21st Century HR Manage

By Camelia Petrus,  PGDip. I/O Psychology, Senior Consultant, Work Psychology and Strategic Business Development at Lynch & Associates Limited 

What it takes to feel confident, clear, trustful and in control, not to mention ‘sane’? As an HR Manager, having the right...


by Chris Lynch, C.A, Managing Director, May 29, 2017

Many New Zealanders are able to claim Working for Families Tax Credits (WFFTC) to assist them in meeting their living costs. However, some situations catch people out or cause unexpected issues.

NZ Budget 2017-2018

Article from NZ and Australia Chartered Accountants,  May 29, 2017

The Budget raises tax thresholds to address bracket creep. Every taxpayer earning more than $52,000 will pay $1,060 a year or $20 a week less in tax from 1 April 2018.

Schedular Payments 

by Chris Lynch, C.A, Managing Director

If you are a contractor or engage the services of a contractor, you need to understand the changes to the withholding tax rules which came into effect on 1 April 2017.

IRD'S mileage rate increases for the 2017 income year

by Chris Lynch, C.A, Managing Director,  May 29, 2017

The IRD's mileage rates for the 2017 income year for vehicles with business travel of 5,000 or less in an income year have been set as follows:

Auditing - Top Trends
by Chris Lynch, Managing Director

No matter how small or large you are as an entity – auditors are bound to perform their work in accordance with International Auditing Standards as approved by the External Reporting Board (“XRB”)

The new auditor's report became effective for the audit of financial statements of entities for periods ending on or after 15 December 2016.

The new format impacts ALL entities and includes...

Not for Profits - Top Trends
by Chris Lynch, Managing Director

Why do we call “Not for Profits” by that name? 

Apparently it is to distinguish them from the “For Profit” sector.

I read in the recent “Cause Report” published by JB Were the statement “One of the great difficulties in discussing the not for profit sector is definitions and seemingly synonymous terms. Most people equate the term, not for profit (or for purpose if you want to make the point that they can and should make a profit) with the term charity.

Top Trends in Cybersecurity

A Quick Guide to the Most Important Insights
in Security. For 10 years, Microsoft has been studying and analyzing the threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware. Stay on top of these matters. 

Top biz & tech trends for businesses success in2017

Observing business trends as a team of Tax, Audit and Business Growth Consultants  we are pleased to share the top business trends that leading companies embrace to drive success.