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Employers: Ensure the impact of COVID-19

is reflected in your ACC levy

August 27, 2020

Michelle Thompson, CA, Head of Tax & Compliance

ACC have made it easier than ever for employers to update their forecasted 2020/21 payroll with them.

If you employ staff, have recently reduced or are forecasting a reduction in your payroll, either let us or ACC know before ACC send your 2020/21 ACC provisional invoice.

We will then let ACC know of the changes in your payroll to ensure that your provisional invoice reflect any impact COVID-19 has had on your business.

ACC base a business’s provisional invoice on the data that Inland Revenue hold from the year before. So, if your business has been impacted by COVID-19, then last year’s information may not reflect the current reality of your business.

ACC have updated their online system to make it easy for us to provide them with payroll estimates for the next year which will ensure that upcoming invoices are accurate as they can be.

If your estimate is different from your final liable payroll for any reason, this will be adjusted when ACC issue your final invoice in 2021.

Has your payroll reduced?

If you anticipate that your payroll is or will be affected by COVID-19 please get in touch with one of the team at Lynch & Associates Ltd.

If you already have a login to MyACC for Business, you can estimate your payroll any time between now and the end of September. You can also request your invoice is sent to you by email and check your details are correct.

If you do not have a MyACC for Business account, then it is easy to set this up. All you need is a RealMe, Microsoft or Google account, and either your ACC or IRD number.

If you're a shareholder, you'll need to phone the ACC contact centre to provide your estimate for 2020/21. Alternatively, please talk to one of the team at Lynch & Associates Ltd and we can discuss your situation with ACC on your behalf.

ACC have developed a guide on what to expecting from invoicing this year in order to help you know when you’ll hear from them and what things ACC need you tell them. What to expect from invoicing 2020

We are here to support our clients

We recognise this is still a challenging time for many of our client businesses and we are here to continue to support you in anyway we can.

If you receive an ACC invoice and have any concerns about making payments, please get in touch with us or ACC before the due date.

Michelle Thompson, CA

Head of Tax & Compliance

Email Michelle

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