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About us

The business world is most of the time under pressure due to the continuous changes. At Lynch & Associates Ltd. we have a holistic approach to our client's businesses and have created a community where they effectively use our collective intelligence in achieving their business, personal and lifestyle goals.

With our help, our most successful clients keep up with the change and master the momentum in areas of leadership, strategic planning, communication, relationships, change management, finance and accounting, production, value based sales and marketing. We work with business owners that have the determination and readiness to have a major breakthrough in their business, 

to create positive, lasting change in both their business and life.

Our core values 

This is the framework for all decisions made by us at Lynch & Associates.  

It is about how we do our work, how we communicate to our clients and how we relate to each other. 

Heads up! They tend to be contagious!


We perform to the highest standards and objectives.

For our clients we stay independent, competent, ethical and respect confidentiality.

We love our work, value integrity, are accurate, competent, efficient, organised and punctual.


Resources are strategically managed, we are adaptable, loyal and share purpose and values.

We stay on top of changes, are knowledgeable and continually develop people and soft skills.

We are diligent, use leading professional software, are time efficient and practice team work.


Our environment is family friendly, where work/life balance matters, we embrace healthy lifestyle and sustainability.

We actively listen to our clients’ needs, practice empathy and compassion, and walk the extra mile.

We are observant, act when required, review our work and offer constructive feedback.


We treat each other with courtesy, politeness, and kindness and freely express feedback.

We are supportive of our clients, trustworthy and reassuring, responding to their needs with care.

Our workplace is clean and tidy, we prioritise projects and tasks and are committed to plans and achieving goals.


We are relaxed and lighthearted, do not practice (nor encourage) office gossip or politics, and run regular team briefings and meetings.

We are genuinely open and transparent, using plain English when explaining complex concepts, kind, respectful and relaxed with our clients.

We listen to each other and communicate openly and clearly.

Meet our Team


Chris Lynch

Chris qualified as a CA in 1973 and is a full member of the College of NZICA now merged with CAANZ. His expertise is in the areas of tax, accounting, business development, forecasting, and auditing. He has a clear focus on adding value to his clients lives and businesses and seeing the people behind the numbers.

Chris experience includes working as a CFO and company secretary for some of New Zealand’s leading companies before starting his own CA firm in 1999. In his previous roles Chris has worked in the wool, dairy, engineering FCG, banking and investment banking and stock broking industries.

Today he uses this vast experience to assist his clients add value to their businesses and personal lives. Chris is married with three adult children and enjoys economics, current affairs, most sports, and likes to play golf when he has time.

His burning desire is to travel more and see more of the world.

Becky Zhang
Practice Manager

Becky came to New Zealand in 2005. Before her immigration, she obtained a Bachelor Degree in International Business in China and worked as a financial controller in a multinational prestige car manufacturer. In 2009 she graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Accounting and Taxation. Upon the invitation from Auckland University, she completed Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in 2010 and later worked as a commercial accountant in the New Zealand tourism industry.

In 2013, Becky joined Lynch and Associates and started her accounting career in public practice. She speaks Mandarin and understands Cantonese and likes to provide her clients with valuable and innovative advice and support the success of their business. 

Away from work, Becky loves reading, playing the piano, travelling and camping with her family and friends.

Michelle Thompson
Practice Manager

Michelle graduated from Auckland University of Technology in early 2008 with a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in accounting and finance. She had previously completed a New Zealand Diploma in Business.

She has been part of the Lynch and Associates team since June 2007 and in 2013 became a Chartered Accountant, a full member of the N.Z. Institute of Chartered Accountants. Michelle enjoys assisting small to medium-sized business and private clients with accounting and taxation services. In 2015 Michelle has become a Xero Certified Consultant.

Outside of work Michelle enjoys spending time with family and friends, movies, travelling, boating and fishing.


Camelia Petrus
Senior Consultant Business Development

Camelia graduated from Massey University Auckland in 2005 with a PGDip in Psychology majoring in I/O (work) psychology. She joined the team in 2016 where she leads the Business Development team. 

As a Senior Consultant she looks closely at the business and at the people leading it and its teams. She guides them towards new, more relevant and meaningful ways to grow their business and their relationships or to solve business challenges.

Her favourite leisure activities include outdoor activities, spending time with family, traveling, and learning/discovering new things.

Mangesh Naik

Mangesh is originally from India and came to New Zealand in 2001. He obtained his Certificate of Proficiency from Auckland University of Technology in Advanced Taxation, Advanced Auditing and Commercial Law in 2004.

Mangesh has been an Associate Chartered Accountant of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) since 2009.

Mangesh provides accounting, taxation, business advisory and auditing services to Lynch and Associates on a consultancy basis. He is always up for a challenge and is constantly developing his skills and knowledge for the benefit of his clients.

His favourite leisure activities are reading, socialising and watching sports. He enjoys travelling and spending his time with his family.

Tatiana Gakhovich
Business Services Accountant

Tatiana Gakhovich comes from Belarus, a beautiful country of blue lakes in the eastern Europe. In Belarus, Tatiana studied for a Masters degree specialising in nuclear physics and electronics. 

Later Tatiana decided to try a new career in the business sector. She worked in a financial services company where she was responsible for providing international transfers and supporting software and hardware for computerised banking systems.

Tatiana moved to New Zealand in 1999 and studied for a Diploma in Business at the Auckland University of Technology.  She joined Lynch and Associates Ltd in mid 2004. On 23rd March 2009 Tatiana was admitted as a Full Member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants as an Associate Chartered Accountant. Tatiana loves swimming, reading and spending time with family and friends.


Natasha Hollows

Natasha graduated from the University of Otago in 2013 with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting.

Natasha has moved from Christchurch to Auckland and  joined the Lynch and Associate team at the end of February 2018. Natasha is a provisional member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and has great experience from her 5 years working in public practice in Christchurch. Natasha specialises in Financial reporting, Business advice, tax and some Audit services. She mostly enjoys assisting clients with Audits and tax.

Outside of work Natasha loves to go for runs, play squash, skiing in the winter and reading in her down time.

Martin Munks

Martin graduated from the University of Canterbury in late 2016 with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting and Taxation.

Martin joined the Lynch and Associates team in July 2017 and is a provisional member of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand. He has a good working knowledge in all aspects relating to Accounting, Audit and Assurance. Martin enjoys assisting with Auditing, taxation and general business advice. Martin does exceptionally well when helping clients at networking events.

Outside of work he loves to play tennis and squash, along with reading in his down time. Martin also loves to eat out at one of  the many well-known Auckland restaurants.

Andrew Sargent

Andrew graduated from the University of Auckland in 2014 with a bachelor of commerce degree, majoring in accounting and finance.

Andrew joined the Lynch and Associates team in August 2017 and is a provisional member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Andrew Specialises in Tax and Audit and can assist in all needs related. He mostly enjoys meeting face to face and helping clients understand what we do and how we can help them.

Outside of work Andrew loves to go to the gym and play tennis when the weather is shining.


Kate Gakhovich
Office Administrator

Kate who is originally from Russia, moved to New Zealand in November 2016. Kate has a PhD in literature and has a background in teaching and as a university lecturer.

Kate has been a member of the Lynch and Associates team since October 2017. Kate is in charge of providing all administrative support, coordinating all office activities and operations, meeting and greeting all clients and responding to all phone calls. Kate mostly enjoys learning new things each day.

Outside of work she loves to go hiking, cooking lots of food and cannot wait to travel the world more.